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Your PTP rotator link is located at "Account" > Left hand menu "Promote" .
Is : "Rotator:" followed by your username

Click here to see the PTP allowed sites 

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PTP hits will count ONLY on the sites that are on the list! Promoting elsewhere will NOT count towards your PTP hits.

Current base rate is 0.0001$ per valid hit for tier 1 .

-Your PTP link for autosurf is : " Paid To Promote Link:" followed by your username $ 0.00001 per valid hit

You can promote this link anywhere as long as it is autosurf . Pop up/under and etc will also do. Other rotator services are also good enough. Basically send any traffic to this link.  

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If you are advertising on a site with SSL in surfing module include after the HTTP an S. (https). If the site has no ssl in the surfing module add your link with just http (NO S) . (Http). 

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